Wounded Vet Says “Don’t Trust Iran”

Iran should not have nuclear weapons. This has widespread agreement, but the deal announced Tuesday not only fails to stop bomb production from happening, it makes it a virtual certainty. The deal is even worse than was expected and expectations were very low as Fred Fleitz, Senior Vice President of the Center for Security Policy, points out in his article at foxnews.com.

Even if Iran agreed to actions that would stop them from building a bomb in this deal, , they would certainly cheat on the agreement just as they have with every other deal. So, why would anyone believe we could trust them now?

One person who does not believe a word of it is Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, Chuck Ziegenfuss, a retired Army officer who was wounded by an IED. “Iran is one of the largest suppliers of bomb-making materials that have killed more than a thousand US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Ziegenfuss. He made a video for Secure Freedom to explain that it is foolhardy to trust Iran on anything, especially something as potentially cataclysmic as nuclear weapons.

We believe you will find this story compelling and encourage you to share it with your friends, family and especially your representatives in Congress. They will be voting on this deal and collectively we need them to be as informed as possible to ensure we won’t get fooled again.