Terror in the Americas

Through its terror proxy, Hezbollah, the Iranian regime has been able to burrow into the Western Hemisphere, establishing a network of criminal and jihadist cells answerable to Tehran.


The Most Dangerous Sleeper Cells? Hezbollah in North America

Hezbollah and Iranian-Sponsored Terror in Latin America


The Threat of Oil

Iran’s oil may further destabilize the region as it crashes commodity prices and undermines economies. One of those economies may be Iran’s own.


Iran Takes American Military Hostages

Obama administration abases itself by showing ‘gratitude’ to the Mullahs for seizing American sailors at gunpoint, thanks Iran, and promises “not to make the same mistakes again.”


A Look at the IRGC’s “Unit 400”

Quds Forces’ Specialized Cell For Targeting Westerners.


WSJ: Iran Hacked New York Dam in 2013

Iranian cyber warfare against American targets, which is designed ‘to cause harm’ rather than for spying, has increased in 2015.


Iran Sees “Zionists” Behind American Visa Law

Iran says it is absurd to accuse them of radicalizing terrorists. Nearly forty years of history says otherwise.


The Jihad Touches Women in America

Bennetta Betbadal’s family fled the oppressions of the Iranian revolution against Christians and women for freedom in the Americas. Many years later, another woman who had known the oppressions of radical Islam chose to finish the jihad’s work at a holiday banquet in California.


Did Argentina’s President Take Bribes To Hide Iran’s Involvement in 1994 Bombing at Jewish Center?

A new documentary treating the mysterious death of the prosecutor exploring Iran’s involvement in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish cultural center in Argentina states that the President of Argentina took a bribe of $800,000 to hide Iranian involvement in the attack.