Quinnipiac: Americans Oppose Iran Deal By Over 2- 1 Margin

As President Obama continues to push his flawed P5+1 deal with Iran, Americans still aren’t buying what he is selling. In a poll released by Quinnipiac University on August 31st, Americans oppose the Iran nuclear deal by a 55%-25% margin (20% not sure).

Both Republicans (87%-9%) and independents (59%-17%) oppose the deal, only those in the President’s own party support the deal, and their support is by a smaller margin that the rest of the country opposes it (by a 46%-25% margin).

Quinnipiac also reports that opposition to the agreement is across all ages, both genders, and whether or not they’ve attended college.

The numbers are similar when people were asked whether or not they believed the Iran deal would make the world safer or less safe. By a two to one margin (56%-28%) Americans believer the deal will make the world less safe. Republicans (88%) and independents (56%) believe it will make the world less safe and only those in the President’s party believe it will improve the world’s safety (51%).

Just as with the first question across all ages, genders, and education levels Americans believe the P5+1 deal will make the world less safe.

One of the many unanswered questions about P5+1 agreement with Iran is why so many Congressional Democrats are rallying behind the President on this issue when recent polls such as the one above show the majority of Americans oppose the deal?  That is a question only your congressman or senator can answer. Their summer break is almost over, so give them a call and demand they follow your lead and reject the flawed P5+1 deal.

Below are the results from the Iran section of the Quinnipiac poll:

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