Martin Peretz on Iran Deal: Entire Process Built on Lies

Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy recently interviewed Martin Peretz on the subject of Obama’s Iran Deal.

Peretz was the editor in chief of the once revered liberal journal The New Republic from 1974 to 2013 and has also taught at Harvard, yet despite his progressive credentials, he is no fan of the deal.

Gaffney opened the interview by asking Peretz about an article he wrote in which he stated that the Iran Deal was an “entire process built on lies.”

You can read that article here.

Peretz responded:

“One of the things I’d like to say about the Obama administration is that among the projects, the great projects one expected Obama would take on would be racial peace in America and Obama has really ignored it completely. The essential project of keeping America at peace with itself doesn’t seem to interest him very much.

Look, I think Obama has an obsession with Israel and the obsession goes back a very long time.”

Peretz then goes on to tell the story of the infamous tape of Obama making a speech at a dinner for terror apologist Rashid Khalidi, which the Los Angeles Times suppressed during the 2008 election and still hasn’t released.

“Just imagine what that speech said.” Peretz adds.

Gaffney then asks Peretz to explain why notable Democrats such as himself and Senator Charles Schumer are opposed to the Iran Deal.

Peretz answers using North Korea as an example and reminds listeners of how that deal went sour:

“He [Obama] appointed a woman called Wendy Sherman to deal with Iran… Wendy Sherman is the architect of the failed Korea Deal. Failed in such a brazen way that you can hardly call it a deal. And the Koreans are on their way to building a nuclear empire.”

Peretz notes that Sherman is a Jewish woman but points out:

“A Jewish woman who negotiated this deal. Isn’t that a guarantee that it’s safe for Israel? Of course not.”

Gaffney asks if the United States is in the crosshairs as a result of this deal as well.

“Absolutely,” Peretz responds, “I think, in a way the United States is more endangered by this deal than Israel is. Israel is going to be watching very carefully.”

Peretz concludes:

“This president has brought disrespect to us. Dishonor. And it’s a terrible thing.”

Download and listen to the full audio here.