Visit Iran: America’s Newest Ally

On the eve of a dangerous deal with the theocratic and jihadist Islamic Republic of Iran– a deal that the White House has largely succeeded in chaining around the neck of the Democrat Party for generations– IranTruth is proud to present a new poster series, “Visit Iran: America’s Newest Ally.”

For this series, we wanted to remind Americans of what they’re getting with a deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran that strengthens the theocratic regime in Tehran– complicity in the regime’s crimes against women, homosexuals and political prisoners.

Our intention was to create images that are suggestive of the vintage travel posters of the mid-20th Century, when tourist air travel was in its earliest days.

The Iran Deal isn’t just an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program; it’s a detente with the world’s leading terrorist state. Even aside from the fact that it will do nothing to curb Iran’s nuclear program, the administration’s deal is an excuse to dismantle the global consensus against a nation that has, for decades, loudly and repeatedly committed itself to genocide and the elimination of a fellow United Nations member-state. For the last decade, Iran was isolated, as everyone agreed that its rhetoric and behavior was dangerous, and beyond the pale for civilized nations. Obama’s deal unravels the conscience of the world.

“Participate in a public stoning in beautiful Tehran” or “Young Iranians experiencing Tehran’s vibrant gay scene” is suggestive of the fact that Iran isn’t ashamed of its brutal, Islamist behavior, its genocidal rhetoric or its destabilization of the region. It’s quite proud of it. They haven’t changed; it’s Obama and the Democrats supporting this detente with Iran who’ve changed us.

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