Two More Secret Deals Revealed, as Obama Continues Keeping Americans in the Dark on Deal

Obama has been lobbying hard trying to convince members of his own party to put party politics over country and support the P5+1 agreement with Iran. One question he hasn’t answered at least publicly is if this agreement is so great, why is he holding back its full details?

Today, two side agreements were discovered via media investigations. The first was between Obama and foreign governments; it eliminates the “snap back” of sanctions if Iran violates the agreement. The second, between the U.N. and Iran, promises that the terrorist state would be able to self-inspect the Parchin nuclear site.

The Obama promise to foreign nations states that if Iran violates the deal and the sanctions are snapped back, their companies would be able to continue operating in the rogue nation without fear of punishment from the United States. In other words the letters totally negate the snap back provisions of the deal

As exposed by the Washington Free Beacon,

Sens. Mark Kirk (R., Ill.) and Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) disclosed in the letter to the State Department that U.S. lawmakers have been shown copies of several letters sent by the Obama administration to the Chinese, German, French, and British governments assuring them that companies doing business with Iran will not come under penalty.

The Obama administration is purportedly promising the foreign governments that if Iran violates the parameters of a recently inked nuclear accord, European companies will not be penalized, according to the secret letters.

Who told these senators about these letters? The White House.  The real purpose of the Rubio/Kirk correspondence is to make sure the public finds out that any possible return of sanctions for violation of the deal is a empty promise.

“‘These letters appear to reassure these foreign governments that their companies may not be impacted if sanctions are re-imposed in response to Iranian violations of the agreement,’ they claim. ‘While Administration officials have claimed that this is not the case, we think it is important for the American public to be able to read your assurances to foreign governments for themselves as their elected representatives review this deal in the coming weeks…We therefore request the Administration to publicly release these letters, which are not classified, so that the full extent of the Administration’s non-public assurances to European and Chinese governments can be discussed openly by Congress and analyzed by impartial outside experts,’ they write.”

The Associated Press discovered the second secret “gem”. It involves the Parchin military base where intelligence believes the Iranians are developing long-range ballistic missile and where they conducted experiments relevant to detonating nuclear warheads. IranTruth recently reported that satellite data proved the rogue regime is working to cover up their activity at the Parchin facility. But now thy may not have to as the AP is reporting the U.N. will allow Iran to use its own nuclear inspectors to investigate Parchin.

Any IAEA member country must give the agency some insight into its nuclear program. Some countries are required to do no more than give a yearly accounting of the nuclear material they possess. But nations— like Iran — suspected of possible proliferation are under greater scrutiny that can include stringent inspections.

But the agreement diverges from normal inspection procedures between the IAEA and a member country by essentially ceding the agency’s investigative authority to Iran. It allows Tehran to employ its own experts and equipment in the search for evidence for activities that it has consistently denied — trying to develop nuclear weapons.

This is the equivalent of a just-robbed bank hiring the thugs that took their money to count what’s left in the vault. “Sure it’s all there!” Can anyone reasonably believe that a nation that’s been playing hide and seek with U.N. inspectors for over a decade will actually confess its own violations?

This Iran deal is beginning to mimic Nancy Pelosi’s famous line about Obamacare, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” In this case however despite the fact that the P5+1 nuclear deal was agreed to, our President is not being transparent with the voters, telling us what is in it.