Trust Iran to Screw Us: Secure Freedom Full-Page Ad in the Washington Times

The Center for Security Policy took aim at President Obama’s dangerous Iran deal in a new full-page ad in today’s Washington Times. The advertisement features a closeup of the Islamic Republic’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, emblazoned with the words, “Trust Iran to Screw Us.”

The text of the ad is as follows:

The mullahs in Iran have already told us they won’t adhere to any limits on their nuclear program.

While they push ahead with their quest for nuclear weapons, Iran has already violated twenty international agreements.

While shouting “Death to America,” Iran’s parliament has already voted to ban inspectors from military sites.

Iran’s Supreme Leader has already said he will “neither compromise nor surrender” in the “fight against America.”

President Obama says, “this deal is not built on trust.”

But maybe we should trust Iran when they tell us they have every intention of carrying out their promises.

When they promise to destroy us, trust them.

Jim Hanson, executive vice president of Secure Freedom, said:

Secretary of State John Kerry warned us that the US should not disapprove the Iran Deal or we would screw his friends the Mullahs. We at Secure Freedom are more concerned about the Iranian regime keeping its promises, continuing to fund terrorism and building a nuclear arsenal.

IranTruth is a project of Secure Freedom and the Center for Security Policy.