Abbas Araghchi


Rouhani Orders More Missiles

Condemns America over even thinking about sanctioning Iran over its illegal ballistic missile tests.

UPDATE: The White House caves.


UN Panel: Missile Test a Violation of Security Council Ruling

The sanctions monitors found that the first of two ballistic missile tests was a clear violation of UN Security Council ruling 1929, hours after the IAEA closed its file on Iran’s military-related nuclear research.


Final IAEA Report Released

Neither black nor white.


IAEA Appears to Confirm Iranian Claim That The PMD Report Will Be A Fraud

Iranian Deputy FM in September, before providing evidence in October: IAEA has agreed that its final PMD “report will be gray. It will neither be black nor white.”

IAEA head, end of November: “The report will not be black and white.”


IAEA Issues “Mixed” Report on Iranian Compliance

Some unused centrifuges have been dismantled, but Iran has increased its uranium stockpiles by a thousand pounds since August.


Iran Has Stopped Dismantling its Centrifuges

Reuters reports that the hardliners have won the day, for now.


The Glories of the New Order

A roundup of the many ways the Iran Deal has rewarded us since the Senate filibuster waved President Obama’s deal through.