FUNNY?? State Dept. Laughs At Letter From 200+ Ret. Generals Opposing Iran Deal

After sticking out its chest and crowing about a letter from 34 retired generals and admirals supporting the P5+1 agreement, the Obama administration is laughing off a letter opposing the deal by over 200 retired generals and admirals.

As reported by IranTruth on Wednesday, “Leon “Bud” Edney, a retired admiral who served as vice chief of naval operations, organized the letter in the wake of the one produced by other retired officers in support of the Deal. More than 200 senior military officers, many of whom have worked in the White House under both Democratic and Republican leadership, signed the letter to Congress on Tuesday, denouncing the nuclear accord with Iran.”

During Thursday’s State Department Press briefing, the Associated Press’ Matt Lee asked Spokesman John Kirby, himself a retired Rear Admiral about the letter.

It’s getting to be kind of a weekly exercise … [F]irst the administration comes out and promotes a letter by a certain number of former or current officials, and then the opponents of the Iran deal come out with a larger number

Lee pointed out that there was also a letter written by Rabbis supporting the deal issued by the Administration that was quickly followed by a letter by three times as many Rabbis opposing the deal.

Kirby found the question amusing, he laughed and answered that the issue wasn’t the numbers.

As reported by the Washington Examiner he continued:

It’s not about the numbers,” Kirby repeated with a sigh. “It is, however, about the facts and the merits of the deal. And so what I’d like to do is turn your question around a little bit and say it’s — what makes it — what makes the arguments for the deal more convincing than the arguments against the deal.”

“It’s not about the numbers of who supports it,” Kirby said after being pressed by Lee again. “And to pick a hundred of this type of person versus 50 of this person — it doesn’t — that’s not the relevant metric here. So let me just —”

If that’s not the relevant metric, why promote it in the first place, questioned Lee. Kirby said the Obama administration is merely trying to “point to those who are in favor of the deal” and “their expertise.”

“So the people that you got to sign your letter are more expert and are better qualified to comment on this than the much larger number that the opponents have gotten?” asked Lee.

Almost ignoring the letters the administration championed, the former Admiral explained that the letters don’t really matter because there will always be people for and against the deal. Kirby said the agreement must be evaluated on its merits.

The problem Kirby didn’t mention is that except for the people in the president’s own party, most Americans who examine the agreement on its merits believe it is a turkey.