Netanyahu Uses Silence To Slam UN’s Silence On Iranian Evil

It was a speech that began with a silent glare, there was a silent glare in the middle, and it was primarily about silence. At the United Nations today Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu screamed at the United Nations General Assembly with his silence.

As he got to the podium Netanyahu stood silently looking at the delegates in the General Assembly.  He quietly put on his glasses and continued his silent glare, and finally began his speech. It was an indication of what was to come.

The first half hour of the forty-three minute speech was about Iran and the Iran deal.  Seemingly he resigned himself to the the deal, but warned the world community that they built the deal and they better make sure it is implement, or else Israel will defend herself. He also took time to reach out to Washington, talking about the U.S. Israel partnership as indivisible and what a good friend Obama has been. An attempt to calm the stormy weather prior to his visit to the White House next month.

The Israeli Premier began by outlining what the rogue regime has been up to in the past six months:

Just look at what Iran has done in the last six months alone, since the framework agreement was announced in Lausanne.

Iran boosted its supply of devastating weapons to Syria. Iran sent more soldiers of its Revolutionary Guard into Syria. Iran sent thousands of Afghani and Pakistani Shi’ite fighters to Syria. Iran did all this to prop up Assad’s brutal regime.

Iran also shipped tons of weapons and ammunition to the Houthi rebels in Yemen, including another shipment just two days ago.

Iran threatened to topple Jordan. Iran’s proxy Hezbollah smuggled into Lebanon SA-22 missiles to down our planes, and Yakhont cruise missiles to sink our ships. Iran supplied Hezbollah with precision-guided surface-to-surface missiles and attack drones so it can accurately hit any target in Israel.

Iran aided Hamas and Islamic Jihad in building armed drones in Gaza. Iran also made clear its plans to open two new terror fronts against Israel, promising to arm Palestinians in the West Bank and sending its Revolutionary Guard generals to the Golan Heights, from which its operatives recently fired rockets on northern Israel.

Israel will continue to respond forcefully to any attacks against it from Syria. Israel will continue to act to prevent the transfer of strategic weapons to Hezbollah from and through Syrian territory.

Every few weeks, Iran and Hezbollah set up new terror cells in cities throughout the world. Three such cells were recently uncovered in Kuwait, Jordan and Cyprus. In May, security forces in Cyprus raided a Hezbollah agent’s apartment in the city of Larnaca. There they found five tons of ammonium nitrate, that’s roughly the same amount of ammonium nitrate that was used to blow up the federal building in Oklahoma City. And that’s just in one apartment, in one city, in one country.

But Iran is setting up dozens of terror cells like this around the world, ladies and gentlemen, they’re setting up those terror cells in this hemisphere too.

I repeat: Iran’s been doing all of this, everything that I’ve just described, just in the last six months, when it was trying to convince the world to remove the sanctions.

Now just imagine what Iran will do after those sanctions are lifted. Unleashed and un-muzzled, Iran will go on the prowl, devouring more and more prey. In the wake of the nuclear deal, Iran is spending billions of dollars on weapons and satellites. You think Iran is doing that to advance peace?

You think hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief and fat contracts will turn this
rapacious tiger into a kitten? If you do, you should think again.

It was the segment where Netanyanu talked about Iranian threats toward Israel where Bibi was the most dramatic.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have long said that the greatest danger facing our world is the coupling of militant Islam with nuclear weapons. I am gravely concerned that the nuclear deal with Iran will prove to be the marriage certificate of that holy union. I know that well-intentioned people sincerely believe that this is the best way to block Iran’s path to the bomb, but one of history’s most important, yet least learned lessons is this, the best intentions don’t prevent the worst outcomes.

The vast majority of Israelis believe that this nuclear deal with Iran is a very bad deal. What makes matters even worse is that we see a world celebrating this bad deal—rushing to embrace and do business with a regime openly committed to our destruction.

Last week the major general of the Iran’s army proclaimed this, quote, ‘We will annihilate Israel for sure. We are glad that we are in the forefront of executing the supreme leader’s order to the destroy Israel,’ end quote. And as for the supreme leader, himself—a few days after the nuke nuclear deal was announced, he released his latest book. Here it is. It is a 400-page creed planning to destroy the state of Israel. [IranTruth published a translation of the supreme leader’s book which can be read here]

Last month, Khomeini once again made the genocidal intentions clear before Iran’s top clerical body, the assembly of experts. He spoke about Israel—home to over 6 million Jews. He pledged, quote, ‘There will be no Israel in 25 years.’ end quote. Seventy years after the murder of 6 million Jews, Iran’s rulers promised to destroy my country, murder my people, and the response from this body, the response from nearly every one of the governments represented here has been absolutely nothing. Utter silence. Deafening silence.”

Netanyahu just glared a the General Assembly audience for 45 seconds then continued:

“Perhaps you can understand why Israel is not joining you in celebrating this deal. If Iran’s rulers were working to destroy your countries, perhaps you’d be less enthusiastic the about the deal. If Iran’s terror proxies were firing thousands of rockets at your cities, perhaps you’d be more measured in your praise. If this deal were unleashing a nuclear arms race in your neighborhood, perhaps you’d be more reluctant to celebrate.

But don’t think that Iran is only a danger to Israel. Besides Iran’s aggression in the Middle East and the terror around the world, Iran is also building intercontinental ballistic missiles whose sole purpose is to carry nuclear warheads. And now, remember this, Iran already has missiles that can reach Israel, and so the intercontinental missiles that the Iran is building, they are not meant for us, but they are meant for you, for Europe, for America, for raining down mass destruction, anytime, anywhere.”

After he warned the assembly that they better enforce the provisions of the treaty because if Israel sees Iran developing a nuclear weapon she will defend herself, Netanyahu made a plea for direct talks with the Palestinians. He finished by slamming the United Nations again.

Because unlike the powers who have ruled Jerusalem in the past, Israel respects the holy sites and freedom of worship of all – Jews, Muslims, Christians, everyone. And that, ladies and gentlemen, will never change.

Because Israel will always stay true to its values. These values are on display each and every day: When Israel’s feisty parliament vigorously debates every issue under the sun, When Israel’s Chief Justice sits in her chair at our fiercely independent Supreme Court, When our Christian community continues to grow and thrive from year to year, as Christian communities are decimated elsewhere in the Middle East, When a brilliant young Israeli Muslim student gives her valedictorian address at one of our finest universities, And when Israeli doctors and nurses – doctors and nurses from the Israeli military – treat thousands of wounded from the killing fields of Syria and thousands more in the wake of natural disasters from Haiti to Nepal. This is the true face of Israel. These are the values of Israel.

And In the Middle East, these values are under savage assault by militant Islamists who are forcing millions of terrified people to flee to distant shores. Ten miles from ISIS, a few hundred yards from Iran’s murderous proxies, Israel stands in the breach – proudly and courageously, defending freedom and progress. Israel is civilization’s front line in the battle against barbarism.

So here’s a novel idea for the United Nations: Instead of continuing the shameful routine of bashing Israel, stand with Israel. Stand with Israel as we check the fanaticism at our door. Stand with Israel as we prevent that fanaticism from reaching your door.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Stand with Israel because Israel is not just defending itself. More than ever, Israel is defending you.

A video of the entire speech follows below the fold.