Congress: Will Your Name Be on Iran’s Bomb?

These are the Senators who have indicated support for the Obama administration’s dangerous Iran deal. Contact them now on Twitter, and ask three simple questions:



@SenGillibrand Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) (202) 224-4451

The Senator rote on Medium Aug. 6 “Why I’m supporting an imperfect Iran deal“, saying “Iran made essential concessions in the deal” and ” this deal will provide international nuclear inspectors with access that they otherwise would not have had .”

@CoryBooker Cory Booker (NJ) (202) 224-3224

“I will hold this deal to a very high standard and in reaching any conclusion,” he said.

@PattyMurray Patty Murray (WA) (202) 224-2621

@SenWhitehouse Sheldon Whitehouse (VT) (202) 224-2921

“Short of war, with all its dramatic uncertainties and terrible costs, I do not see another pathway to impose a nuclear weapons-free Iran,” he said Aug. 18.

@TomUdall Tom Udall (NM) (202) 224-6621

“This is a historic moment. This agreement has profound impact if we approve it and – make no mistake – if we fail to approve it,” he said in a July 30 speech.

@JeanneShaheen Jeanne Shaheen (NH) (202) 224-2841

“I’ve concluded this is the best available option we have for preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” she said in an Aug. 6 statement.

@SenBrianSchatz Brian Schatz (HI) (202) 224-3934

“Despite the partisan rancor in Washington, the vast majority of experts believe this is a worthy deal,” he said in an Aug. 10 statement.

@SenJackReed Jack Reed (RI) (202) 224-4642

@SenBillNelson Bill Nelson (FL) (202) 224-5274

“Unless there is an unexpected change, I will support the nuclear agreement,” he said Aug. 4.

@ChrisMurphyCT Chris Murphy (CT) (202) 224-4041

“I’ve said for some time that the best way to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon is through diplomacy, not war. And after very thoughtful consideration over the past several weeks, I believe that more than ever,” he said in an Aug. 5 press release.

@SenatorLeahy Pat Leahy (VT) (202) 224-4242

“We thought we were negotiating in good faith and we’d have a deal. If we walk out now, many of these countries are going to say, ‘okay, you’re in it by yourself,'” he said Aug. 5.

@AmyKlobuchar Amy Klobuchar (MN) (202) 224-3244

In a statement Aug. 10, she said the deal is imperfect but it offers the “best available option to put the brakes on Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon,” according to the AP.

@SenAngusKing Angus King (ME) (202) 224-5344

@TimKaine Tim Kaine (VA) (202) 224-4024

“I think if it matches the April 2 framework and there is a solid verification and inspection regime, I think it’s going to be good for our national security.” PBS, July 15th.

@MazieHirono Mazie Hirono (HA) (202) 224-6361

“While this agreement is not perfect, it has gained broad national and international support, including 29 top American nuclear scientists, of which six are Nobel laureates.” Aug. 18

@MartinHeinrich Martin Heinrich (NM) (202) 224-5521

@AlFranken Al Franken (MN) (202) 224-3244

“This agreement is, in my opinion, the most effective, realistic way to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon anytime in the next 15 years. It does so by imposing a series of physical limits on Iran’s nuclear program, especially its production of the fissile material it would require to make a bomb.”  CNN op-ed Aug. 13.

@DianneFeinstein Dianne Feinstein (CA) (202) 224-2501

 “I stand behind the U.S. negotiating team and will support this agreement in the Senate.”

@SenSherrodBrown Sherrod Brown (OH) (202) 224-2315

“This deal is not about trusting the Iranian regime, but instead working with our allies on comprehensive, verifiable restrictions to block Iran’s pathways to a nuclear bomb without precipitating another war in the Middle East” Aug. 14.

@SenatorBoxer Barbara Boxer (CA) (202) 224-0454

@TammyNaldwin Tammy Baldwin (WI) (202) 224-5653

@SenatorTester Jon Tester (MT) (202) 224-2644

@SenDonnelly Joe Donnelly (IN) (202) 224-4814