CNN Poll: On Iran Deal Americans Want Congress To VOTE NO!

Speaking in Ethiopia on Monday, President Obama stated that 99% of the world things the P5+1 deal solves the Iran nuclear problem. Its hard to figure out where he found that number as the vast majority of people in Israel and the Sunni Muslim states opposed the deal, and according to a CNN poll published Tuesday, most Americans oppose the deal also.

The hyperbolic words about the Iran agreement made by the president in Ethiopia were:

With respect to Iran, I won’t give a grade to our lobbying efforts. In fact, I’m not even sure I’d characterize it as lobbying. What we’re doing is presenting facts about an international agreement that 99 percent of the world thinks solves a vital problem in a way that will prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, and does so diplomatically.

According to CNN the majority of Americans disagree with the the president on the deal, they want congress to vote no.  The exact question asked was:

 As you may know, the U.S. Congress must approve the agreement the United States and five other countries reached with Iran that is aimed at preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons before it can take effect. Do you think Congress should approve or reject the deal with Iran?

As one might expect, members of the president’s Democratic Party want congress to approve his legacy agreement by a wide 61%-36% margin. But Republicans (66%-31%) and Independents (55%-40%) want congress to just say no.

By a large margin of 52%-44%  American adults wanted congress to reject the deal (five percent had no opinion).  Younger Americans (<35) feel the deal should be approved by a 53%-41% margin, but aged 35-49 want the deal rejected (51%-43%) as well as adults 50+ (59%-38%).

Both men and women want the deal rejected, however women want it rejected by a larger margin (11%) than men (4%).

Also interesting is people in the Northeast want the deal approved, but in every other area of the country Americans want the deal rejected.

In the end this poll gives opponents of the deal another weapon in their attempt to convince the deal is bad for America. If reading the agreement and understanding its many holes doesn’t convince them, perhaps public opinion will help.